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Frequently Asked Questions

We try to anticipate questions you might have about the services provided at Old School Goal School™, and provide the answers here.

If you need additional information on our programs, please contact us.



Do you have any age requirements for training?

We do not have any specific age requirements for training, and rely on the parents to decide if your son or daughter is ready to sign on for specialized training for this important position.  Usually, young hockey players will play "out" in their first few years of hockey before deciding to become a goaltender, so we usually see players who have been playing for at least two years.  But it varies, and depends on the parents and the programs.

In scheduling training, we make every effort to group goalies together who are close in age.  Our training goals and intensity can vary amongst different age groups, and this organization usually provides a more positive experience for our participants.


Do you ever attend / evaluate games for students?

Absolutely!  Game evaluation is a wonderful way to identify future learning goals. If you are interested in having your goalie evaluated in a game situation, just let us know so we can schedule a time to attend.


Can parent's watch the training?

Parents are welcomed and encouraged to watch any training. Video taping and photography is also permitted.


What makes this goalie school different from the others?

The main difference is focus.  Old School Goal School™ focuses on the kids first.  We've designed our programs to fit their training needs, to be fun, to help them grow, not only as goalies, but as young men and women.  We believe that teaching sportsmanship is as important as teaching drills.  We are also different in our training style.  The program is designed by someone with a degree in physical education and an award winner in professional sports forums; he understands how young minds learn, and how to get a body to achieve peak performance.  The combination of on ice, off ice, and purposeful training separates us from the rest.