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Goalie Night Out

Old School Goal School is proud to announce we will be hosting a  "Goalie Night Out" session at the Hockey Academy 101 Training Center in Monroe, NC. We will have a 3 hour period of goalie specific training on the following dates:

Friday March 21st from 6-9 pm


Please check out the video to the right of the equipment in action at the previous location! 

Special Introductory Price is $75

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity and sign up today by emailing Heather at


*Hockey Treadmill

*Rapid Fire

*Puck Shooting Machine

*Off-Ice Training





Hockey Academy 101 Training Center


The Hockey Academy 101 Training Center has a 38 by 50 sheet of synthetic training ice. This state of the art training facility also has a hockey treadmill, rapid fire shooting machine and a Boni, which is capable of shooting pucks up to 100 mph at our goalies.


This is a unique opportunity to put all this training together in one evening. Old School Goal School will be providing snacks and drinks throughout the evening.


To reserve your spot email!


Location: 1705 Plyler Mill Road, Monroe, NC, 28112




The goalies will train on the synthetic ice using the Boni to shoot pucks at a targeted area of the net to work on that specific save. The Boni is capable of shooting 40 pucks in a few minutes. This will be an unbelievable tool to refine your goalie's skill set.

We will also train on the hockey treadmill. The hockey treadmill will improve skating biomechanics, increase explosive power, stride length, anaerobic tolerance and enhance overall body posture.

Goalies will train with the rapid fire machine as well. This machine passes a puck to you and then a light on one of the corners of the net lights up. The goalie will then shoot towards that corner of the net. This machine is run by a computer that gives you instant feedback, shot accuracy, reaction time and the speed of your shot. As you know the ability to move the puck up to your forwards or clear the puck out of your end during a penalty kill is becoming a skill that all goaltenders need to be able to perform. This machine will help us train in that area.